Zhibotong Autumn Fun Games.

 Company     |      2019-11-21 11:14
Zhibotong Autumn Fun Games, burning your calories!

        On November 6-7, in order to further strengthen the corporate culture construction and enhance the interaction between employees, Zhibotong Electronics successfully held the “ZBT Autumn Corporate Fun Games”.
        The staff members are full of enthusiasm, high morale, brave and hard-working conviction, united and uplifting spirit, the results of the competition, the level of the competition, the style of the competition...
        This fun sports event set up long jump ropes, tug-of-war competitions, kangaroo jumps, invincible hot wheels, sandwiched walnuts, ferrules, paper cups, bananas and hedgehogs. The competition project adheres to the combination of traditional characteristic projects and fun competitions, focusing on teamwork and fun, aiming to inspire employees to fight, gather strength and promote better development of enterprises.
         Let’s enjoy the moment together.
 01/long rope

02/ tug-of-war competition

 03/Kangaroo jump

04/Invincible hot wheels

 05/clip walnut

 06/ ring

07/Cup of water teaser

       In the evening, Zhibotong Electronics "Autumn Fun Games" came to a close in everyone's applause and cheers. In this competition, ZBT not only played a personality, but also played a friendship; the exchanges between them became more intimate. Adding many unforgettable moments further enhances the cohesiveness of the company.
      Working in a company for a long time, there are many people who do not know, this phenomenon is not uncommon in companies with strict divisions;
      Everyone is immersed in their own work every day, going to work, going back to work, or sitting in a discussion at a meeting, and returning to the original track is still weak...
      Carry out the workers' sports meeting and build a platform to review the physical and mental qualities and mental outlook of the employees, and build a corporate image with dreams, strength, love, passion and vitality.
      This sports meeting not only released the work pressure, but also exercised the body, so that the end of the month is more aggressive!