ZBT Won Alibaba "AAA"Integrity Enterprise Honorary Title.

 Company     |      2019-11-21 10:13
ZBT Won Alibaba "AAA"Integrity Enterprise Honorary Title.


Credit is the soul of enterprise development. Enterprises that lose credit are like wood without roots and passive water, and cannot survive in the cruel market competition environment. Integrity is the cornerstone of the company's growth and development. It is a powerful arm in an invincible position. The evaluation of corporate credit rating does not simply mean adhering to the spirit of the contract, but also a comprehensive evaluation of the ability of the company to perform and respond to risks. Azimuth reference value.

In the future development, Zhibotong Electronics will continue to adhere to the principle of “integrity, innovation, cooperation and win-win”, regard integrity as the cornerstone of enterprise development, promote the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness of socialism, and play the role of responsible large-scale enterprises to promote the network. The healthy development of the communications industry has increased, and we are constantly striving to build a harmonious society!

The following is the link of our Alibaba store:
  • https://routerzbt.en.alibaba.com

  • https://zbtchina.en.alibaba.com

  • https://zbtwifi.en.alibaba.com

  • https://zbtrouter.en.alibaba.com


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