Self-service library 4G routing network application program

 4g router solution     |      2019-03-14 17:36
Library self-service means that without the participation of library staff, readers can flexibly and actively complete bibliographic inquiry, library borrowing, document copying and various database resources according to their personal interests, needs, hobbies, research priorities and time schedules. The use or purchase of a self-service reader service. With the integration of wireless communication technology into digital libraries, the form of library self-service has undergone substantial changes, realizing the combination of Internet of Things, humanization, digitization, intelligence and traditional libraries.
    The self-service library system has functions such as smart book search, customer self-test, security detection, and automatic return of books. The self-service library system needs to collect more information, book name information collection and networking, book encoding, book borrowing information traceability, transaction card book data reading, transaction information transmission report, live image monitor, different machines In the settlement of the book, all the data needs to be shared by multiple machines and cannot be stored locally. The self-library system networking solution can be collected through data, and the industrial router 4G network operator is used to transfer data to the self-service library management through the RJ45 network port. The server and the server process the transaction data, and present the management visualization through the PC console.
    In addition to the self-library library transaction information, the digital terminal can be placed by its own GPS. If the book is not processed or the loan is forbidden, the security device will report the alarm. The information inquiry function, through the identity information verification, can remotely query the borrowing book record, and after the book borrowing and returning the book transaction succeeds, the device can print the receipt.