Forget the broadband password, ZBT will help you

 Technology     |      2017-07-05 15:38
In life we ??often need to use the broadband account and password, such as reset the router or replace the new router. But we always forgot our own broadband account and password, result is not surf in the internet and can't set up the router. If we forget  broadband accounts and passwords what should we do? Do not worry, ZBT will help you.
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The first method: enter the router's background settings interface, view the broadband account and password

Open the browser, enter the router background login address, usually, such as ZBT is, and then enter the user name and password, enter the settings interface. Enter the router settings interface, find the LAN settings, some routers are set up the Internet, click after you can see the broadband account and password.
Now a lot of new routers can be directly in the background to view the broadband account and password, and some old models of the router, only show the broadband account, password with * sign , we will now back up the router configuration file, and then use the router password view broadband password.

The second method: If you can't enter the router's background settings interface

If you forget the broadband password, even forgot enter the router's background password , you  can call the operator's customer service phone, reset your broadband password.