How to solve the router crash

 Technology     |      2017-04-13 15:37
Many people used the router know that we occasionally encounter the router crash, in fact, there are many reasons that will lead to the router crash, such as the number of machines with too much, product quality problems, improper router settings and viruses and so on will cause our router to crash .Now, Zhibotong professional router OEM manufacturers to teach you how to solve the problem of crash.
router OEM manufacturers
1. First check the router's placement is ventilation, if the cooling effect is poor, it may lead to the router crash.
2. Check whether the router is infected with the virus.
router OEM manufacturers
3. Go to the background settings interface and find the "Advanced Network Settings" command under the "Advanced Settings" section to activate the "Ignore recovery from WAN PING" option.
4. Restore the router to the factory settings and reset the router.