How to set up a guest network

 Technology     |      2017-03-13 15:32
Our home often come to the guests, want to add visitors to wifi mode, that wireless router how to set up a guest network.Now, the professional router OEM manufacturers Zhibotong give you about the details of the set up detail, may be you need.

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1. Take the Zhibotong router as an example, first turn on the computer, make sure your computer and the router you want to set up in the same network, open any browser, enter the URL bar, into the background.
2. Enter the router settings interface, find the "network status" and the "guest network", the current guest network is closed, click to open.
3. After opening the guest network, you can set a temporary password.
4. View your current wireless network, you will see you have just built this temporary network, the device can connect this temporary network.
5. If you don't enable this temporary network, you can directly close the guest network in the background, others can't onnect this temporary when the network.