Network speed slow, another one with the channel is really u

 Technology     |      2017-03-06 15:29
There are a lot of people are holding the idea, the network speed is slow, check the surrounding wireless channel, another less crowded channel will be able to solve, in fact, this idea is wrong, the following, professional wireless router manufacturers  Zhibotong give you analysis of why the channel can not solve the problem of speed.

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Remember that in the 2.4G band of the 802.11n era, only one of the six channels of 11 and 11 can be used. Wifi each channel will actually occupy the surrounding 1-2 channels, in addition to 1,6 and 11 other channels will have a conflict. When two router channel numbers are the same, they produce time slices that work together to distinguish between different router signals. If the two router channel number is different, we can not establish a cooperative relationship. The first is called cooperative channel interference, the second is called overlapping channel interference, and the second is really interference.