Campus network wireless network construction plan

 Wireless coverage     |      2018-11-13 18:22
    With the development of network technology and the continuous reduction of the price of network products, many colleges and universities have begun to build network platforms and set up their own campus network. The establishment of a campus network is not something we can imagine with a few switches. It is a large and complex project that needs to cover the entire campus and connect the computers, servers and other terminal devices on the campus. Realize the circulation of data within the campus, realize the information exchange between the campus network and the Internet, and it also involves the security of the network, involving the management of the network. Therefore, the formation of a campus network system needs to be considered in many aspects.
    The wireless part of the campus network is mainly designed for some old-fashioned buildings, dormitories and large conference rooms that cannot be wired. This part of the network products is mainly based on wireless APs.
Application topology:
    Due to the relatively large topology of the campus network, we have not detailed every detail here, but the basic structure of the campus network is outlined. The following figure shows the basic network topology of a campus network: